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    Jieda Service Process:
    Jieda adhering to the customer life cycle service concept, to provide customers with the whole process of centrifugal separation solution, from the project analysis, design selection, laboratory analysis, small batch test, equipment design and production, equipment factory acceptance, equipment layout and installation guidance , Site equipment commissioning and performance verification, process optimization, operation software upgrades, equipment operation training, equipment maintenance and spare parts protection, security assurance.
    Project Analysis:Sales service personnel and sales engineers to the needs of customers to provide technical advice on the entire separation process and upstream and downstream processes for integrated analysis;
    Design selection:For customers of different filtering and separation requirements, combined with the customer's material and fluid physical and chemical properties, to meet the requirements of anti-corrosion explosion-proof requirements to provide more economical equipment and selection programs, and customer needs to provide customized services;
    Laboratory analysis:The material properties of customers to conduct a detailed analysis, to provide theoretical basis for selection;
    Small batch test:Through the small model to simulate the separation test, access to the relevant separation parameters for the design of the magnification model to provide practical data;
    Equipment design confirmation and production:To provide customers with a full set of design information, from the design, installation, operation of multi-dimensional to ensure the design of reliable equipment for customers to implement order management production, the depth of customization;
    Equipment factory acceptance:Customers in the production process important nodes, to the implementation of stage acceptance of the factory, and put forward a reasonable rectification program;
    Equipment layout and installation instructions:Equipment to the customer site, the centrifuge system to provide on-site installation instructions, pipeline configuration to meet the safety and use, maintenance requirements.
    Field equipment commissioning and performance verification:In the test with the equipment, the equipment operation engineer to provide equipment debugging services, and determine the appropriate operating parameters and operating procedures, and complete the centrifuge load performance acceptance;
    Process Optimization:In the debugging process of separation parameters, procedures to optimize and improve the separation effect, to provide customers with rationalization proposals;
    Run the software upgrade:Equipment design, set aside control points in the customer's process and control requirements to enhance the customer can provide procedures to upgrade;
    Equipment operation training:Provide detailed centrifuge debugging and use of the guide, and in the installation and commissioning of the operation and maintenance personnel for safety and operation training;
    Equipment maintenance and spare parts protection:The company provides on-site maintenance and renovation of refurbished plant maintenance, and establish a sound information inventory, equipment to protect the spare parts;
    Security Confirmation:Companies to develop a sound centrifuge equipment inspection, in the annual maintenance to provide security testing and confirmation.

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