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    Leverage the centrifuge market with quality Shanghai Lu Xiangyi becomes the industry leader

    Time: 2020-08-06

    As an important member of medical equipment, the development of centrifuge enterprises in my country has received great attention, and supporting key enterprises of large centrifuges has become an important task in the industry. It is reported that as early as 2015, a related survey report showed that there were a total of 14,000 companies in the medical device field in my country, but there were less than 200 companies with sales of more than 100 million yuan. From the perspective of the global market, 70% of medical device sales are concentrated in the hands of the top 30 companies. Despite the large number of companies, the R&D capabilities of products are generally weak.

    In recent years, with the favorable policies of the pharmaceutical industry, the medical device industry has developed rapidly with this "Dongfeng", and the centrifuge industry has been favored by many companies. Related companies have begun layout planning and strive to get a share of the market. The policy has given support to a certain extent. However, with the rapid development of science and technology today, various industries are also threatened when they face complex economic forms, low profit points and high costs. That is the substitute, which has become an important issue directly related to the survival of some industries.

    Up to now, in the field of centrifuges, we have not seen any potential alternative technologies. The threat has not yet appeared, and the market situation is still showing a good picture. From the perspective of the centrifuge market structure alone, the entire market is still very attractive to existing competitors.



    (Lu Xiangyi centrifuge diagram)

    However, looking at my country's centrifuge market, it is currently monopolized by a few multinational companies. And because the market price is largely determined by price competition, for centrifuge customers, the choice of products is not large, and the bargaining power is also very low.

    In addition, as the economic environment changes, the overall purchasing power of customers is also showing a downward trend, and there is still a threat to the entire industry. The high purchase cost of centrifuge components is also a problem, even for low-end products, the price is more than 10,000 yuan. This situation will affect the popularity of centrifuges in my country's primary medical institutions to a certain extent.

    Fortunately, some centrifuge companies continue to carry out technological innovation, and strive to develop the industry. According to a very valuable centrifuge industry market survey report, the use of timeliness of information and a comprehensive and systematic study of the status and development prospects of the centrifuge industry can better grasp the changes in the centrifuge market and the development trend of the industry.

    The role of force is mutual. This physical knowledge is equally applicable to the market and the enterprise. The market affects the enterprise, and the enterprise also affects the market. Therefore, the good development of centrifuge companies is closely related to market information dynamics. As a senior centrifuge company, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi Group (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Lu Xiangyi") has played a "fulcrum" role in the industry.

    Shanghai Lu Xiangyi is an enterprise whose main products are centrifuges. Its strong R&D strength and market competitiveness allow it to seize the opportunity and gradually ascend the commanding heights of the industry. In addition to centrifuges, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi also produces related product accessories, mainly high-speed refrigerated centrifuges, laboratory centrifuges, and medical centrifuges. It also covers a wide range of fields, including medical treatment, beauty, and scientific research.

    It is reported that Shanghai Lu Xiangyi has a history of more than 40 years. With the market insight of Octavia, he has worked hard and never forget his original aspirations, and has established a foothold in the industry. Through more than 40 years of persistence, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi has always adhered to the principle of quality, deeply rooted in the centrifuge industry, and successfully leveraged the centrifuge market, becoming a leader among tens of thousands of companies in China! (Source: China Pharmaceutical Network )

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