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    Analysis of the development direction of my country's centrifuge industry

    Time: 2020-08-07

    Centrifuge is widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, genetic engineering, immunology and other fields. It is an indispensable instrument for centrifugal separation in hospitals, research institutes, and universities at all levels. In recent years, in response to the needs of market applications and the continuous improvement of laboratory application separation requirements, centrifuge manufacturers also urgently need to develop new laboratory centrifuges. In the future, they will move towards high speed, high precision, multi-purpose, and full-function type. The direction of development.



    (Analysis of my country's centrifuge industry needs to break through the development direction. Source: Baidu Picture)

    According to industry insiders, medical centrifuges come in various sizes and are suitable for many different applications, whether in a doctor's office, hospital environment, or laboratory. However, the pharmaceutical industry has relatively high requirements for the application of centrifuges, and has specific requirements for the material, structure and processing quality of the centrifuges used. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously adopt technological innovations to meet the increasing needs of the application field. This is also our country. The breakthrough and development of the centrifuge industry must take the road.

    It is understood that the main deficiencies of centrifuges in my country at present are the slow running speed, low centrifugal force, and difficulty in separating the mixture of high-density nanomaterials. Analysis of the reasons is mainly affected by two factors: the running speed is not enough to achieve the separation. The required centrifugal force, the stability of the motor and the service life of high-speed operation cannot reach the national standard for one year; the density of the rotor material in the centrifuge chamber cannot bear the weight of the centrifugal force.

    Experts said that with the continuous changes in the market and the upgrading of products, centrifuges need to follow the pace of market changes and continuously improve the direction of the company's products. The operating speed of the centrifuge, the expansion of the laboratory centrifuge chamber, the increase of the rotor density, the stability of the motor, and the rationality of the whole machine should be adjusted to achieve large capacity, high speed, high precision, low failure, and easy operation , High-quality laboratory centrifuge with long service life.

    It can be seen that although the domestic centrifuge market is constantly growing and has made great achievements, there is still a long way to go between my country's centrifuge technology and the international advanced level. It is undeniable that some centrifuges can stand at the top of the world centrifuge in some respects, but overall there is still a certain gap. Among them, innovation and technology are the main factors hindering the development of my country's centrifuge enterprises.

    Therefore, in the course of future development, centrifuge companies still need to build a technological innovation system, set up technology development institutions, independently carry out process research and technical research, and actively seek technical support to strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign first-class enterprises, domestic first-class universities, and research institutes. Technical cooperation. At the same time, through various channels and various scientific research methods, it actively attracts and trains professional and technical personnel to create a high-quality core technical team.

    Only on the basis of such a research and development environment and talent pool, continuous breakthroughs and innovations, research and development of high-quality products with high technical content, added value, and domestic technological level, can we achieve well-known brands. At the same time, it conforms to the national conditions and meets the GMP standards for pharmaceutical production, and can replace imported similar products, fill the domestic technical gap in this field, and help the mature development of my country's experimental centrifuge enterprises.

    (Source: China Pharmaceutical Network)

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