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    Centrifuge industry: towards the high-end atmosphere

    Time: 2020-08-07

    Centrifuge is a machine that uses centrifugal force to separate liquid and solid particles or each component in a mixture of liquid and liquid. The centrifuge is mainly used to separate the solid particles in the suspension from the liquid, or to separate the two immiscible liquids in the emulsion with different densities; it can also be used to remove the liquid in the wet solid, special overspeed Tubular separators can also separate gas mixtures of different densities; taking advantage of the different settling speeds of solid particles of different densities or sizes in liquids, some sedimentation centrifuges can also classify solid particles according to density or size.

    In 2012, affected by the overall economic environment, the major projects in which centrifuges specialize did not show a trend of vigorous development. The overall market size was about 3.996 billion yuan, a decline of about 2.5% year-on-year. In terms of refrigeration capacity, the proportion of large refrigeration centrifuge products in total sales has increased.

    At present, various policy supports issued by state agencies have become the support point for mechanical assault. High-end equipment manufacturing is a strategic emerging industry that my country vigorously develops. Therefore, the industry should focus more on the high-end industry.

    In recent years, with the further rise of domestic brands, the diversified pattern of centrifuges has become more and more obvious. The centrifuge product market also has the following characteristics: First, investor confidence has been frustrated, and large projects have been significantly reduced. Affected by the general environment, not only the number of civil projects in 2012 dropped sharply, but even government projects that had always been strong were not as good as in previous years. In the past, large orders in the fields of rail transit and aviation, which were frequently won bids, rarely won bids this year. Second, the price war has intensified. In the past, the pricing power of centrifuge products was basically controlled by several major US-owned brands, and prices have remained at a relatively high level for many years.

    In order to change this pattern, some brands have lowered their shipping prices regardless of cost. This sacrificed not only profits for the prosperity of the centrifuge market, but also contributed more to the industry to further understand the mystery behind the centrifuge products.

    The "Twelfth Five-Year" development plan for the high-end equipment manufacturing industry issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. By 2015, the sales revenue of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry will exceed 6 trillion yuan. Through 10 years of hard work, we will basically grasp the key core of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Technology and industrial competitiveness have entered the world's advanced ranks. Therefore, the centrifuge industry should seize the commanding heights of the economy, accelerate the construction of a multi-level capital market, and effectively play the role of capital in the market-oriented resource allocation of the equipment manufacturing industry. Continue to accelerate the technological innovation of the equipment manufacturing industry, increase the added value of products, and strive to move towards high-end.?

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