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    How did the automatic decap centrifuge gallop on the battlefield and develop into the new favorite of the industry?

    Time: 2020-08-07

    Compared with ordinary centrifuges, the automatic decap centrifuge can automatically remove the lid of the vacuum blood collection tube during the centrifugation process, which improves work efficiency, and can replace manual cap removal to prevent reagents from contacting the human body. With the feature of automatic "cap off", the automatic cap off centrifuge has developed into the "new darling" of the centrifuge industry in recent years.



    Automatic decap centrifuge

    The automatic decap centrifuge is specially designed for hospitals, blood stations, radioimmunity, nuclear medicine and other units. The automatic decap centrifugation is completed at one time, which solves the problem of decaps in the separation of vacuum blood collection tubes in hospitals. It is an advanced and efficient separation. equipment. Although its main application range is not as wide as high-speed centrifuges, low-speed centrifuges, refrigerated centrifuges, medical centrifuges, laboratory centrifuges, large-capacity centrifuges, mini centrifuges and other products, it has its own characteristics. It is very popular in the development of the industry.

    Automatic decaps and detachment machine is a centrifuge used in conventional laboratories, which is widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, immunology, blood station, medicine and other departments of scientific research, education and production. So what factors should the staff pay attention to when using and operating the automatic cap-removing machine? Let us share the successful experience of Shanghai Lu Xiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd.

    The rotor taken out of the automatic decap centrifuge after the centrifugation should be placed upside down on the experimental table, the remaining water in the cavity should be wiped off, and the centrifuge cover should be open. The rotor cover is placed on the platform of the cap-removing centrifuge, or placed on the experimental bench. It must be tightened and floated on the rotor, because once it is started by mistake, the rotor cover will fly out and cause an accident! After tightening the head cover, you must touch it with your fingers to make sure that there is no gap between the rotor and the rotor cover. If there is a gap, unscrew and re-tighten the centrifuge until it is confirmed that there is no gap. During the centrifugation process of the automatic decapping centrifuge, the operator shall not leave the automatic decapping centrifuge room. In the event of an abnormal situation, the operator shall not turn off the power (POWER) and press STOP. Do not use fake or inferior centrifuge tubes, or use aging or deformation , Centrifuge tubes with cracks and substandard quality. On holidays and nights, the last worker to use the centrifuge must undergo routine safety checks before leaving. In the event of a machine failure during the use of the instrument and any damage to the parts, please contact the Kaida centrifuge manufacturer in time, and do not disassemble the instrument yourself.

    The main power plug should be removed when the automatic cap-removing centrifuge is not used for a long time or for maintenance. The main power plug is not removed and the switch button is pressed. Although the machine stops, the instrument is still live. This is prone to safety accidents. (especially during maintenance) the rotor should be installed and removed lightly to avoid bending the shaft. To remove the rotor from the rotating shaft, first remove the locking bolts, and then the rotor can be separated from the rotating shaft. When the rotor is not in use, it should be taken out of the centrifugal chamber, cleaned and dried with neutral detergent in time to prevent chemical corrosion, and stored in a dry and ventilated place. The automatic decap centrifuge is not allowed to scrub the rotor with non-neutral cleaning, and it is not allowed to blow (dry) the rotor with electric hot air. The cone in the center hole of the rotor should be protected by a little grease. When using the rotor of a medical centrifuge, make sure that the rotor number is correct. If the rotor number is set incorrectly, it may cause the rotor to be used over speed or fail to reach the required centrifugal speed. In particular, the overspeed use of the automatic decap centrifuge may cause a vicious accident of rotor bursting. In this regard, the staff must not be negligent.

    The main feature of the automatic decap centrifuge is "cap off". This is a high-speed centrifuge, low-speed centrifuge, refrigerated centrifuge, medical centrifuge, laboratory centrifuge, large-capacity centrifuge, mini centrifuge, etc. What can't be achieved is also one of the reasons why the automatic decap centrifuge is popular in the industry. However, the staff must pay attention to the relevant operating matters when using it, and must not be negligent, and reasonable use can ensure the efficient operation of the automatic decap centrifuge.

    It is understood that when collecting blood samples in hospitals at all levels, vacuum blood collection tubes are commonly used. After the centrifuge is used to complete the blood centrifugation, the tube cap is manually removed, which is inefficient. At the same time, the vibration caused by the extubation may cause the blood to remix. And increase the risk of bacterial infection. The LTK128 and LTK72 automatic decapping centrifuges developed by Shanghai Lu Xiangyi have significant decapsification effects. They have solved the problem of difficult decapsulation of vacuum blood collection tubes in hospitals at all levels in the past. They are instruments used for blood testing and centrifugation in hospitals at all levels.

    (Source: China Pharmaceutical Network)

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