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    Prior to installation, the user should observe the installation requirements as indicated in the delivered documents. Pay attention for following factors:

    ■ There should be enough space between the centrifuge and equipment and other devices installed next to the centrifuge. Around the centrifuge, there must be a footpath no less than 1 min width and above the centrifuge there must a space no less than 2min height for mounting & dismounting and maintenance. When installing and positioning the electric control box, the hydraulic system, the nitrogen protection system, the spfor mounting and dismounting should also be taken into account.

    ■ The electric control box should be placed at a dry and ventilated place without corrosive gas, and it should be near the main unit (Separated installation is allowed).

    ■ The on-site control button (operation platform) should be mounted beside the main unit to facilitate operation.

    ■ The connection piping (feed pipe, drain pipe, wash pipe, vent pipe, CIP pipe, nitrogen pipe, air compressor hose, wire cable, etc) must be the flexible. The joints should be sealed with insulation rings. The machine should be earthed to avoid electricity leakage. Feeding pipeline and discharge pipeline should be sized as short as possible for avoidance of blocking. Hydraulic oil pipeline should be sized as short as possible to reduce loss of pressure;

    ■ The diameter of the external discharge pipe should not be smaller than that of the outer pipe and there should be no sharp bend or blockage on it. The pipeline should be laid at a height lower than that of the exit with a necessary height difference to ensure a straightway for the liquid discharge.

    ■ Feeding pressure of the centrifuge should not be less than 0.2bar. Pressure of gas source (for driving feed valve and wash valve) shall not be less than 4-5bar. Oil-water separator should be provided, and check should be made of the separator frequently, in particular when air humidity is large to prevent moisture from entering the cylinder and control valve. Lubrication oil should be injected into the oil fog generator in the gas distribution device to reduce component wearing in the pneumatic system and operating resistance.

    ■ The electric, pneumatic and liquid pipelines and wiring should be properly connected by electricians and mechanics for the running and adjusting of the centrifuge, in accordance to the electric control schematic diagram and system configuration diagram.

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