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    ■ The following factors may result in hazards during selection, installation, operation and maintenance of centrifuge:

    ■ Improper selection of centrifuge

    ■ use the centrifuge for the purpose out of its service range; for example, to apply the general-purpose centrifuge to any inflammable or explosive occasion; to apply the centrifuge without corrosion-perventive measures to the treatment of strongly corrosive materials;

    ■ Operation not complying with the specified operational procedures, such as abnormal braking, overload running, over-speed running, etc;

    ■ Using centrifuge without timely trouble shooting or the centrifuge that should have been out of service and discarded;

    ■ Any installation, commissioning, operating or maintenance of the centrifuge not complying with the requirements specified in the Operation Instruction, or any modification to the centrifuge's parts effected by the user of his own accord or any adding of any attaching unit to the centrifuge by the user;

    ■ Therefore, users should develop regulations to reduce the hazards during selection, installation, use and maintenance of centrifuge, and ensure safely use of centrifuge.

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