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    Professional centrifuge manufacturer

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    Jiangsu Jieda Centrifuge Manufacture Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, is located in the national emerging port of industrial city - "Zhangjiagang". After decades of efforts to develop, the company has developed into a set of separation technology research and development, project design, equipment manufacturing, product sales and application services of professional centrifuge manufacturing enterprises.

    The company has always been committed to customer-centric, focused on upgrading the market experience of product applications. PLZ series of automatic pull bag unloading centrifuge, LGZ / PGZ series of flat automatic scraper lower discharge centrifuge, PAUT series on the suspension of automatic centrifuge, PS series flat top unloading centrifuge, PD series flat hanging LWL series horizontal spiral discharge filter centrifuge, HY / HR series horizontal piston push material centrifuge, GK / GKF series horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge, PSLQ / PSFQ series flat flip screw , LW series of horizontal spiral centrifuge and sludge dewatering complete sets of equipment for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, environmental protection, metallurgical and other industries to provide the overall solution for filtration separation.

    It provides deep customization services in the areas of FDA, GMP, CGMP certification, sterile CIP & amp; SIP technology applications, on-site explosion protection for products, concentrated pretreatment of materials, and automated intelligent operation of equipment. For decades, the company has won more than 1,800 customers trust, products all over the world more than 40 countries and regions, and become Sinopharm Group, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, lofty group, the Connaught Group, Brothers Pharmaceutical, Jialin Pharmaceutical and other well-known Pharmaceutical companies suppliers.

    Excellence can be outstanding, reaching the best achievements of outstanding quality. Jetta people always uphold the "quality first" and the production management philosophy. Advocated to modern manufacturing equipment and the traditional Chinese artisans combined spirit, every employee, every station, every craft crafted, tempered. Companies to build a sound information management system, the introduction of 6 S management and lean production. Strict development and implementation of the production and testing of products, has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification, safety production standardization of enterprise certification, the national pharmaceutical equipment GMP technical review, the product by the China People's Property Insurance Co., Ltd. bear product liability insurance. Ingenuity, Jetta people abide by the commitment to pious gestures, to create every product such as artwork exists.

    Quality of the need for technical support, the company continued to strengthen the field of R & D investment and exchange, access to the industry's affirmation. Was awarded the national high-tech enterprises, the provincial private technology enterprises, the national filter professional and technical members of the unit, the China Pharmaceutical Equipment Association member units, Zhangjiagang City Centrifuge Association vice president of units. With more than 20 patents, including national invention patents 5, a number of products were rated high-tech products. Companies focus on the depth of the technical aspects of the development and cooperation, and Jiangsu University of Science and Technology jointly established graduate workstations, the establishment of centrifuge engineering technology research center, and intelligent industry research institute to start mutual cooperation in the manufacture of Chinese manufacturing 2025 and industrial 4.0 journey, Struggling forward.

    The era of the horn inspiring, Jetta people will be heroic enthusiasm, extraordinary beliefs, excellent products and services, to write the future prosperity and dreams.

    Craftsman spirit

    Every employee, every work station, every craft is meticulously carved and refined

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